Game Overlook

I helped my friend Sam found Game Overlook in January 2019 with the aim of bringing a more positive outlook to the world gaming and games journalism. Together we took Game Overlook from just an idea to a site that consistently attracts over 2500 page views per month, in just a year and a half, and it is still growing. This accomplishment has come from ensuring that the content we create and share is high-quality, original work that brings our dream of a more positive games industry to life. My personal contribution to the site ranges from writing weekly articles to coordinating special pieces with game developers to give our readers an insight into what the industry is really like.

Writing For Game Overlook

The kind of article I write at Game Overlook can and does vary on a weekly basis depending on the needs of the site at the time. Some weeks I am free to write passion pieces that reflect the my views on the games industry such as lamenting the fall of classic strategy games. But other weeks news is breaking in the form of Nintendo Direct broadcasts or the eagerly anticipated E3 conference of the year, and I have to use my abilities as a games journalist to provide our readers with accurate and timely pieces that summarise all the announcements that were made whilst not losing the charm and personality that is so important in all the work Game Overlook does.

I currently have over 30 articles published on Game Overlook, with my skills as an editor coming into play to help Sam perfect his work and to help our guest writers refine their pieces to the high standards we try to hold ourselves to. If you would like to see my work, a list of all my articles can be found on the Game Overlook site by clicking the button below.

Social Media and SEO For Game Overlook

My avatar on the Game Overlook website
Sam's avatar on the Game Overlook website

My work at Game Overlook doesn’t stop when I click publish on an article though. And it’s not done when hit send on an email either. Instead I have to turn my attention to finding Game Overlook its place on the internet. Most important in this is SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. Right from the beginning I have worked to ensure that Game Overlook complies with suggestions from top search engines like Google in order to help our site appear foremost in search results. This is key to building the audience of our site from nothing as it does not rely on brand recognition, or having an existing social media following, instead I have been able to ensure that every page and post on our site gives search engines every piece of information possible to match it to results. And that dedication to proper SEO has paid off, with more than 60% of Game Overlook’s traffic being generated through search results.

Of course, good SEO doesn’t mean social media could be ignored however. Between Sam and I, we are able to run Game Overlook’s social media presence across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter simultaneously. Squarespace’s automated tools make it easy for us to ensure our articles are shared on Facebook and Twitter as soon as they go live, whilst using TweetDeck allows us to work from a single Twiter account and engage not only with our audience, but with the gaming community as a whole. This has helped us begin working towards our goal of not just being another faceless brand on the internet, but instead slowly becoming a community where gamers and games journalists feel safe sharing their constructive criticism and unfiltered enthusiasm for games and their developers alike.